70cm,80cm,90cm, 100cm &110cm
Teams of 4 & Individuals. (See page 47 of 2018 BRC Handbook)


Arena UK
Allington Lane, Allington, Grantham NG32 2EF

Please click here for full details 2018 Area 16 Show Style Jumping Schedule (final)

Please contact Jan Pollard on 07732530090 if interested in competing for the EMDG.



Sun 17 June 2018 Area 16 Dressage Qualifiers

Please click here for Area 16 Dressage Qualifier Schedule

Email Kate Brown uk telephone 07867812657.



Congratulations to the two teams that qualified for the Championships at Epworth FofH, the 100 team and 90 team and well done to all the runners and riders who took part. You all acquitted yourselves brilliantly and did the club proud. Many thanks also to all the EMDG members who gave of their time to come and help.




Classes will run at 80, 90 and 100 for the FOH and is run primarily as a team competition.

FOH competition is a round of show jumps immediately followed by a full length XC course. XC kit is worn throughout and both rounds are timed.
If you are interested in competing please can you EMAIL providing us with your name, membership number, contact details, horse’s passport name and passport number together with a full CV of what you have been doing over the last 12 months competitively and for which class you would wish to be considered.  Please only apply if you are available for the championships.
This is only for the FOH competition.  The HT qualifier date has yet to be finalised and a separate notice will be sent out about that.
Names will not be taken on a first come/first served basis and there will be an element of selection for the team places.
Please email to Sally (Beedham) at
We look forward to hearing from you.
Sally & Clare

Please click here for 2018 BRC Area 16 FotH Challenge schedule


EMDG are delighted to announce that as of immediately Kate Brown has agreed to take over the running of the dressage training and teams. Kate comes to us from a strong equine background as an owner, breeder, judge and rider . Kate holds very strong beliefs that anybody can do dressage and that it is the basis of all good riding and practise.  We, alongside Kate, are very keen to get the dressage training back up and running here at EMDG and look to you as the members for ideas as to who you would like to see being used for clinics, test rdding and information evenings.

To assist Kate in organising the training  we welcome all comments regarding things that you would like to see, venues and people you think you might benefit from.

If you have been involved in teams or would like to be involved with teams please do message Kate through Facebook or email her on We have a Facebook page specifically for this purpose called EMDG Dressage Teams.

We look forward to moving the dressage training on a level in 2018 and encourage you, as the members, to shape the future of dressage here at EMDG.


Area 16 Indoor Show Jumping qualifier Sunday 5 November at Arena UK.

Wow wow wow what can I say, what an amazing bunch of East Midlands riders at the Area 16 showjumping qualifier today at Arena UK, great riders and horses well, done everyone.

EMDG team of Charlotte Bartle, Andrea Pawson, Sara Lees and Jan Pollard won the 80 class with Sallie Griffen, Joanne Bates, Angela Hardwick and Michelle Pritchard taking 5th place.

The 90 class again EMDG 1st with Cath Cox, Jo Horton, Vicky Dubik and Emma Marsdon, 6th place was Martin Bates Josh Bailey, Dy Dunclif and Steve Morris.

The 100 team of Alex Hill, Hana Mandova, Sara Lees and Elaine Hepworth took team 3rd.

The 110 class was won by the EMDG team of Alex Hill, Katie Patrick, Anna Griffen and Nicola Whitmore who was also the overall winner of the 110, 2nd place was again EMDG team of Katie Patrick, Christie Mott and Nicola Baggley with Nicola taking 2nd overall.

Sorting teams is never an easy job but everyone today made it all worthwhile. Well well done everyone and roll on the champs in 2018 . Jan




Well what a fantastic time at the BRC Championships at Swalcliffe.

EMDG had qualified 4 teams and 2 Individuals and represented Area 16 in all of the 4 classes.

We managed to keep most of those who qualified ‘on board’ in the intervening 4 1/2 months and they all put in hard work and showed commitment to get there. All horses attending remained sound and so did the riders – save for the ‘other’ Team Manager who managed to maim her ankle early last week out on a training run……but despite her obvious unsoundness carried on regardless!

First up was the 80 Team of Tracey Richardson, Kath Lawton, Lisa Hatfield and Charlotte Bartle. All four did a brilliant job over up to height and challenging 80 courses but sadly were just out of the rosettes for the top 10. A real shame as all their performances were worthy of a ribbon.

The 90 Team of Sarah Lees, Becky Sisson, Alex Hill and Sally Beedham (the other Team Manager) again put in extremely brave and determined performances over a challenging XC course and again up to height Show jumps which sadly was their nemesis! Nevertheless their efforts were good enough to bring the Team into a very creditable 8th place.

Sarah Lees, Becky Mullan Ferose, Ellie Clarke and Anna Griffin represented the club in the 100 section. WOW! How brilliant were they? Not only did Sarah Lees win her Arena, the team WON the competition and made us feel very proud.

The 100+ Team were the final team on the field. Again absolutely brilliant performances by Fiona MacDonald, Louise Benson, Christie Mott and Lindsay Harrison rolled them into 2nd place and they WON the ‘All four scores to count’ challenge. What an achievement!

Our two Individuals Cath Cox in the 90 and Alex Hill in the 100 were Superstars too. Alex was 2nd in the 100 and Cath 4th in the 90.

There were also various other fantastic individual placings across the board.

The Club is very lucky to have such a wealth of talented riders and horses to represent the Club and perform so well at a National level. In the last few years EMDG has become a force to be reckoned with across the various Equestrian disciplines!

Many thanks also to the Volunteers – the Club has to provide one per team who helped on Friday and Saturday – Kath Lawton, Sara Allwood and your Team Managers!!!

Many thanks too to all the other supporters and helpers who came down to cheer the teams on and assist the runners and riders (and without whom we would struggle) and who helped make it a really enjoyable weekend.

I think I can say we all made a great team and we are all incredibly proud of you

Clare Dolman & Sally Beedham

Team Managers



The Committee has taken the decision that ALL riders in teams representing EMDG should wear one of the new saddlecloths.
These are available in NAVY – in both GP and Close contact /jumping styles and also in WHITE for dressage.
The cost is £31
They are not exclusively for teams and can be worn at all other events /competitions.
Please order via Clare Dolman on in good time for whichever team event you are doing stating which style and colour.
We will arrange to bring them to the event or can post them to you at an agreed cost.






Please ensure that your Flu/Vacc certificates are up to date for each competition as per the rules – found on BHS /BRC website.
If they are not (and they are checked before you are allowed to compete) then you will not be eligible to compete that day.

Please can you let us know if you are interested in being considered for either of the above competitions by emailing the completed EMDG Team application form to as soon as possible.

Please may we ask however that you only apply for the teams if you are able and committed to attending the Championships (on the above dates) if we qualify due to strict rules on reserves and replacements.

There will be a cost involved for the qualifiers which will be half the entry fee – if your team qualifies for the championship the club will pay your entry fee and any stabling.

Our contact numbers are:
Clare – 07533 864682
Sally – 07814 712116
We look forward to hearing from you!


In view of the large number of members wishing to be on teams for area qualifiers and some then lacking commitment to compete, thereby causing a large wasted expense to the club, it was passed at the last committee meeting that after the AGM in October, anyone wishing to enter qualifiers and/or championships, (where no qualifier has been held), will be required to pay 50% of the cost and submit a resume of past performance before their entry is accepted, (cheques will be returned if entry is not accepted). On acceptance of entry the club will pay the remaining 50% of the cost. The club will continue to pay the full cost of entries and stabling fees for members who have gained qualifications to championships. Extreme /extenuating circumstances may be discussed on an individual basis.


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